Monday, 23 January 2017

Online live Classes Are Regularly Conducted At Ahead Academy

Online live classes are regularly conducted at AHEAD Academy, New Delhi and Mohali. These classes are attended by students preparing for MDS and foreign exams. Today online live lecture was held at AHEAD Academy, New Delhi. The topic of discussion was “fungal infections and skin pathology”. Fungal infections are becoming more frequent because of expansion of at-risk populations and use of treatment modalities that permit longer survival of these patients. Some of the changes in endemic fungal infections can be attributed to climate changes, extension of human habitats, ease of travel, and shifting populations. Today, fungi previously considered nonpathogenic, including mucoraceous genera (formerly called zygomycetes) and a variety of both hyaline and dematiaceous molds, are commonly seen in immunocompromised patients. The class was attended by many students online. Two students who are preparing for DCM (Dental Council of Mauritius) exam also attended the class.

In today’s clinical class in prosthodontics at AHEAD Academy, New Delhi, taken by senior faculty many topics were discussed. The importance of occlusal records was emphasized. The students were also shown different prosthodontic materials. Interocclusal records are the means whereby the inter-arch relationships are transferred from the mouth to an articulator. Interocclusal records are the most important maxillomandibular records used to transfer interarch relationships from the mouth to an articulator. Accurate interocclusal records minimize the need for intraoral adjustments during prosthesis delivery and are essential in providing high-quality fixed restorations and reducing overall treatment time and cost.
Ideal requirements of bite registration material are:
• The materials should offer limited resistance before setting to avoid displacing the teeth or mandible during closure, whereas after setting, it should be rigid or resilient, with minimal dimensional change. 
• It should be easy to manipulate with no adverse effects on the tissues involved in the recording procedures.
 •   It should accurately record the incisal and occlusal surfaces of teeth.                

•    A very important feature - it should be verifiable.

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