Friday, 10 February 2017


Students are free to perform procedures directly on allotted patients.
The Introduction to Implant Surgery Course covers a broad simplification of Course Topics, Course Objectives, and Hands-on Participation.
Below are a few of the Topics:
Implant Surgery Course includes diagnosis & Treatment Planning, Implants in General Dentistry,  Prosthetic rehabilitation, Bone Grafting Procedures, Soft & hard Tissue Management, Pain Management.
Course Objectives:
§ To understand diagnosis & treatment planning starting with the anticipated prosthetic result.
§ To understand basic knowledge of bone grafting & ridge augmentation procedures related to dental implants.
§ To understand the role of implant dentistry in the future dental practice.
Many such cases are regularly performed at AHEAD Academy, New Delhi and Mohali.

Post and core treatment is recommended for teeth which are severely decayed or structurally damaged. After a root canal treatment, the post is positioned in the root of the tooth. It can be used to support a filling or to hold a crown. Some posts are ready made, whereas others are made in the laboratory especially to fit the tooth. If the previous restorative therapy or dental caries has resulted in substantial loss of tooth structure, the abutment teeth for fixed prosthodontic restorations require a core reconstruction or a post and core. Small dentin defects can be restored with bonded cores; more extensive dentin defects that are often accompanied by previous endodontic treatment generally require additional support for the core material. A direct procedure with a bonded post is a viable treatment method. The decision to use either light-conducting all-ceramic zirconium or titanium as a post material depends on the aesthetic requirements present.

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