Thursday, 11 May 2017

Vestibuloplasty at AHEAD Academy, Mohali Centre...

Vestibuloplasty was performed by student at AHEAD Academy, Mohali centre, under the guidance of Dr. John Kazimm.  Following complete loss of teeth, the alveolar bone undergoes various degrees of resorption, particularly in response to tissue-supported conventional dentures. This results in loss of vestibule and decreased surface area for denture support. In the previous class at AHEAD Academy, various vestibuloplasty procedures were described for restoring the vestibular depth and increasing denture surface area. Additionally, the application of vestibuloplasty in management of patients with bone augmentation and implants who commonly present with decreased vestibular depth, inadequate zone of keratinized gingiva, and thin soft tissue biotype was discussed. A step-by-step surgical technique was explained that will increase vestibular depth, zone of attached gingiva, and soft tissue thickness for enhanced aesthetics and function of dental implants.


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