Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Clinical Certificate Course In Delhi

A 42 year old female, Mrs. Anu came with a complaint of pain in the lower right region of jaw since one year. The pain was radiating from the ear to the lower teeth. A local dentist started root canal treatment but the pain persisted. The patient was examined at AHEAD Academy to be suffering from a condition known as trigeminal neuralgia. It is a chronic pain condition that affects the trigeminal neve, which carries sensation from our face to brain. A mild stimulation of our face can trigger a jolt of server pain. The patient has short, mild attacks. The inferior alveolar never and mental nerve were anaesthetized and the pain subsided. A correct diagnosis is essential for a good practice which is taught to the students here at AHEAD Academy.

A 62 year old lady, Mrs Krishna visited the clinic with severe pain in upper left region. Her wisdom tooth was decayed. The tooth was extracted under local anaesthesia, and her pain was relieved.

Today clinical class in prosthodontics was held. The topic of discussion was 'full mouth rehabilitation'. In some patients, the entire set of teeth is severely damaged, diseased or worn down. A wide range of dental treatments are required for such cases. The procedure was explained in detail step by step. The students were taught what to do at each appointment. At the first appointment, the vertical occlusal distance is checked and root canal treatment is performed in teeth which are decayed. In the next appointment, the centric relation is recorded and wax up is performed. After that, crown preparations are done on all teeth and impressions are taken. Temporary crowns are placed which are then replaced with permanent crowns. The importance of maintaining records was emphasized. These cases are one of the most difficult cases to manage in dental practice. It involves a set of procedures aimed at correcting an improper bite position and restoring worn out or chipped teeth. Such cases are routinely managed at our academy.

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