Thursday, 3 November 2016

Free Treatment Patients In Old Rajinder Nagar Karol Bagh

A 65 year old lady, Mrs. Nirmala Devi visited the institute with pain in left lower jaw.  She had got extraction done in lower jaw a few months back. On examination, a hard bony spicule was felt in lower left region. A surgical procedure (also referred to as Alveoloplasty) was used to smooth and reshape a patient’s jaw bone. The bone after the procedure was smooth and rounded. 

A putty index is a mold of the patient's bite and is used to see that the wax setup is preserved in the denture. The laboratory technicians use the shaped putty to check the restoration for accuracy. It serves as a reference guide and used to confirm that restorations are consistent with doctor and patient expectation. The students were explained step by step procedure of making a putty index in Clinical Prosthodontics class.

Many students visit our institute from different places to prepare for foreign exams. A student is practicing sling suture on dental manikin simulator. It is used by students to simulate a dental patient and improve their skills. The students get acquainted with fake dental patient, which consists of a plastic head with a metal jaw and two full arches of teeth.  This is attached to a body that would recline in a normal position.

Clinical course students learn extraction and different suturing techniques on patients in presence of oral surgery faculty. A surgical extraction is in progress at Ahead Dental institute.

A 60 year old man, Mr. Manohar Lal came to our institute with lot of brown stains and tartar on teeth. His teeth were cleaned and polished after which the patient was happy with his appearance.

A student from HongKong, Dr. Sukhbir is learning various suturing techniques on dental manikin from oral surgery staff. She is preparing for her licence exam in HongKong. We wish her all the best and loads of success in her forth coming exam.

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