Saturday, 18 February 2017

Classes at AHEAD Academy

Orthodontics clinical class as a part of orthodontics certificate course was conducted at AHEAD Academy, New Delhi. The students were taught straight wire appliance. The standard straight-wire appliance is designed to move teeth to their desired location in the arch form. This is accomplished by using straight wire brackets in conjunction with a series of preformed arch wires. Straight wire brackets have the ideal tip, torque, angulation and in/out position built into each individual bracket for each tooth. Once the bands and brackets are cemented and bonded in their ideal position, the doctor simply flexes the first arch wire to fit into the bracket slots and ligates it into place. As the arch wire attempts to return to its original shape, it will exert a corresponding force on the individual teeth until the wire lies passive within the brackets. The arch wires are then progressively changed until a normal occlusion is achieved. Some of the advantages of this system are:
• Limited or no arch wire bending
• Shorter overall treatment time
• Consistent quality of end results.

Today online class was on the topic 'MINERALS'. Minerals are inorganic substances required by the body in small amounts for a variety of different functions. Minerals are involved in the formation of bones and teeth; they are essential constituents of body fluids and tissues; they are components of enzyme systems and they are involved in normal nerve function. The body requires different amounts of each mineral; people have different requirements, according to their age, sex, physiological state (e.g. pregnancy) and sometimes their state of health. It was attended by a student preparing for NBDE exam. Many students attend the classes from their homes. Such classes are held regularly at AHEAD Academy, New Delhi and Mohali centres.

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