Saturday, 29 October 2016

Endodontics Course & Patient Treatment In Delhi

Today Endodontics clinical class was held at Ahead Dental institute, New Delhi. The students were explained how to diagnose conditions in which patient has serve, sharp or dull pain. They were taught how to come to a diagnosis by seeing signs and symptoms of the patient. The medicis to be given to patients in different conditions were told. The students had various doubts which were cleared by the faculty. 

A 56 year old man Mr. Ram Shwarth came to AHEAD Dental institute with, severely decayed teeth. In he had difficulty in eating food upper right region this teeth had to be removed and sutures placed. After a week, sutures were removed and artificial teeth will be placed in future. 

An 18 year old boy, Saurav came to the institute with in upper left jaw. He had got Root Canal Treatment (RCT) from some other place two times in the same tooth. After taking X-rays, it was seen that RCT was not properly done. The filling was removed and again RCT was planned. The patient’s pain is not relieved and he is satisfied. The patient also has ulcers in his mouth which recur with time for which appropriate treatment is in progress.

Today Dr. Sukhbir who is preparing for HongKong Clinical Examination learnt crown cutting crown on artificial teeth. Her crown preparation was appreciated by all staffs.

A 62 year old man Mr. Bateshwar visited the institute with a complaint of loose lower front teeth. His teeth were joined together with a wire and thus, the teeth were made stable. The patient is extremely glad with his look.

Clinical classes are conducted at Ahead Academy everyday on various topics. Students attend these classes and clear their doubts. Today clinical class is in progress on the topic ‘Medical Emergencies  in the dental clinic‘. Students are taught how to handle a patient under various situations in dental chair like sudden chest pain and breathing difficulty. They are taught the medications for diabetics and myocardial infarction patients. The drugs for different medical emergencies were taught. All are welcome to attend these classes.

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