Monday, 19 December 2016

Oral Surgery Course In Delhi

Impressions taken at our centre of patients with missing teeth. Dentures will be constructed for these cases.

A 21 year old girl Priyanka came with her friend who had pain. Priyanka was motivated to get her dental check-up. It was seen that she had a decayed tooth in her lower left region of jaw.

Clinical class in Oral Surgery was held today. A new batch has started at our Delhi Centre. The basic concepts were discussed with the students. They were told how to write a prescription. Two method of extraction were explained the patient head and operator position were demonstrated. Stobie’s technique was explained and shown.   

Mrs. Himani had cold and hot sensitivity in upper teeth. Her root canal treatment is going on. Now sensitivity  is relieved and patient is happy with the treatment.

A 58 year old man Mr Dinesh visited the clinic with pain in left upper and lower region of jaw. Root canal treatment was carried out in both teeth and caps placed. The patient is now able to chew properly, without any pain.

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