Friday, 28 October 2016

Clinical Certificate Course In delhi

A student preparing for IAS Exam, Mr. Badrinarayan visited the institute with a complaint of space between his two front upper teeth. The space was closed with a white filling material and the patient was satisfied with his new improved look.

A 38 year old lady Ms. Ayesha came to the institute with several decayed teeth a few months back. Her lower front teeth were loose and were joined together and made stable. Root canal Treatment (RCT) is being carried out on ten teeth after full mouth rehabilitation was planned for the patient. The patient’s pain and sensitivity in teeth is now relieved and she is happy with her on going treatment.

A new student of clinical course in prosthodontics, Dr. Mahima learnt crown cutting today at Ahead Dental Institute, New Delhi. She is practising on artificial teeth (typhodonts) after which she will be practising it directly on patients under the guidance of faculty members. Many such students join the Clinical course and gain confidence to carry out such procedures independently.

A new student of clinical course in endodontics, Dr. Sunil Singh learnt access opening on extracted teeth today the under guidance of expert faculty. He is learning how to do Root Canal Treatment (RCT) using hand instruments and rotary instruments. After practicing on extracted teeth, he will be carrying out RCT in patients under the guidance of our expert faculty.

A 60 year old man, Mr. Ram Sajewan visited the clinic with extreme pain in right lower jaw. Root canal Treatment (RCT) was planned and started in right side . His one tooth was missing on left side and thus bridge is planned on the left side.

Today Prosthodontics Clinical class was held at AHEAD Academy, New Delhi. The students were taught about how to retract gums during tooth cutting. The class was followed by a demonstration on artificial teeth. The students were explained in detail how to make impressions, errors in impression making and materials used to make impressions. The students were taught about TEMPORIZATION. They were shown how to make putty index on unprepared teeth. They were taught about tooth acrylic coloured and its price in the market. They were told about how to prepare an immediate temporary crown. The recent restorative and crown preparation materials were discussed with the students.

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