Monday, 12 December 2016

Endodontics Course In Delhi Ncr

Today Clinical Class in Endodontics  was held at AHEAD Academy, New Delhi Centre. The students were taught about Intra canal medicaments, their importance and their  role in Root Canal Treatment. The intracanal medicament is used to prevent bacterial growth, in cases of unsure biomechanical preparation, weeping canals and cases of apical periodontitis. Intracanal medicaments are also used for prevention or control of post treatment pain by reducing the inflammatory response. The properties and indications of Calcium Hydroxide, Triple Antibiotic paste were discussed. The students learnt the practical applications of intracanal medicaments. The use of chlorhexidine gel in root canal failure cases was discussed. The instruments used to put intracanal medicaments were also discussed.
The students were shown a video and demonstrated the materials and instruments. The students asked their doubts which were cleared by the staff. Regular classes are conducted at our two centres where students are taught the practical aspects of handling patients in a clinic.

A 50 year old lady, Mrs. Kiran Manocha came to the clinic with loss of all her teeth.  Upper and lower dentures for the patient were prepared. She is happy with her appearance and is able to eat and speak properly.

A 54 year old man Mr Ranjeet visited the clinic with a complaint of bony swelling in lower ridge. This bone was smoothened, a procedure known as Alveoloplasty. Now the denture will be constructed for the patient.

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