Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Fracture build-up at AHEAD Academy

A 23 year old female came with fractured front teeth. A build up with composite was performed for her by Dr. Parth, a student of clinical course in endodontics. Composite resins are tooth-colored materials that can actually be applied to the remaining surfaces of teeth to replace lost tooth structure in such a way as to actually make them one, blending and exactly matching the physical characteristics and color of natural teeth, and actually strengthening them in the process. Most importantly, modern composites physically adhere by actually bonding to the two elements that teeth are composed of, dentin and enamel. Major advances have resulted from the study and understanding of how the crowns of teeth actually flex or give under biting force and how restorative materials can be used to the greatest effect in the way they interact. And, best yet, composites can be used to restore teeth directly — they are applied directly to the teeth in the dental office in a single appointment. That means no temporaries and no outsourcing to dental labs for fabrication, which also means less cost and time.

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