Thursday, 20 April 2017

Flap surgery at AHEAD Academy

 Many flap surgery cases were operated at AHEAD Academy, New Delhi. These cases were performed by students of clinical course in periodontics. Flap surgery is a technique in plastic and reconstructive surgery where any type of tissue is lifted from a donor site and moved to a recipient site with an intact blood supply. This is similar to, but different from, a graft, which relies on growth of new blood vessels. The purpose of periodontal surgery is to treat deformities and tissue loss created by the disease process, eliminating “pockets” of diseased tissue in order to create and maintain periodontal health. Techniques have been developed to deal with the gingival (gum) tissues and underlying bone. The objectives of periodontal flap surgery are to:
Eliminate or reduce pockets.
Regenerate periodontal tissues and their (re)-attachment to the teeth.
Create more normal periodontal form, function, and aesthetics;

Promote an environment more conducive to good oral hygiene practices and professional maintenance care.

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