Friday, 31 March 2017

Seminar by AHEAD Academy

Informative Online Live
by Candidates who are pursuing DDS in USA after passing NBDE Exams
Date : Sunday ,  2nd April, 2017
Time : 9 am (India)
Time : 11 pm (USA)

1.            Applying for NBDE Exams : How and when to apply
2.            Online payment of exam fee, Registration procedure
3.            Documents evaluation for applications
4.            Eligibility criteria
5.            NBDE Exam syllabus and type of questions asked
6.            Obtaining the DENTPIN and the ECE Evaluation
7.            When and how should I apply for ECE

All must attend +919810187297
  AHEAD Academy

MDS / ADC / NBDE/ NDEB & Clinical Coaching

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