Friday, 30 December 2016

Periodontics Course In North Delhi

Clinical class in Periodontics was held. Many topics were discussed. The procedure of gingival depigmentation and splinting was taught to the students. 

A 34 year old male, Mr. Naveen came to the clinic with loose lower front teeth. A procedure known as ‘splinting’ was performed. His teeth were joined together so that they stop moving. Many such patients visit the centre and get their treatment and the treatment of their family members. 

A patient Raju came to the clinic with recession in upper right region of the jaw. A flap surgery was performed and sutures placed. Flap surgeries are routinely performed at our clinic. Such a surgery is performed to treat gum disease. It cleans the root of teeth and repairs bone damage.

Clinical Class in Periodontics was held at AHEAD Academy, New Delhi. Open flap debridement and Modified widman flap surgery was discussed in detail. Open flap debridement is a periodontal procedure in which supporting alveolar bone and root surfaces of teeth are exposed to increase access for scaling. Gingivoplasty, a type of gum surgery is used to reshape healthy gum tissue around teeth. Gingivectomy is gum trimming where gingival tissue is removed. 

A 25 year old female Anita, resident of Badarpur, Faridabad came to the clinic to get her fillings replaced. The amalgam fillings that were broken were replaced with glass ionomer and composite tooth coloured restorations. Many such patients visit us from far off places to get their dental treatment at a very low cost.

Mr. Surrender is a tobacco chewer since years. This teeth were cleaned and the loose teeth joined together in a process known as splinting. The patient was then motivated to quit eating tobacco. 

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