Monday, 14 November 2016

Prosthodontics Course at Ahead Academy

The aim of the Prosthodontics Clinical Course is to teach students not only the importance of
replacing oral structures but to stress preservation and optimization of the supporting structures through a combined effort with the other dental specialties. Candidates are exposed to the philosophies and principles of prosthodontic treatment with fixed, removable, implant, and maxillofacial prosthodontics. Advanced and specialized methods required for care of unusual cases are discussed in the special clinics.
Examination, diagnosis principles of design concepts. PFM bridges, porcelain laminate veneers, metal-free ceramic crowns, resin-bonded bridges, crown retained by dental implant, magnetic denture, immediate denture, over denture, flexible partial dentures. Use of latest impression materials.
Module 1
Effective treatment planning, various diagnostic aids and proper decision making on edentulous and partially dentulous patients.§
Offering Ceramic veneers as treatment modality.§
All ceramic versus Metal ceramic crowns.§
Sequencing and treatment planning.§
Contemporary materials used in extra coronal restorations.§
Choice of fixed or removable prosthesis considering implant and over dentures as options.§

Module 2
Principles of tooth preparation§
Biological, Mechanical and Esthetic considerations of tooth preparation.§
Endodontics evaluation; vital and non-vital teeth Shade determination§
Neccessity of provisionalisation and different techniques§
Different techniques of gingival retraction§
Presurgical corrective procedures§
Crown lengthening techniques§
Soft tissue managements of various stages§
Easu and correct impression procedures§

Module 3
Laboratory communication§
Importance of try-in procedures§
Cementation of fixed prosthesis§

Choice of Courses :-

Weekend clinical expertise courses in all specialities§Four month clinical practice course in multiple specialities§One year clinical proficiency course in general dentistry§Course Duration : Customized Courses as per requirement of the candidates ranging from few weeks to few months


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