Wednesday, 7 September 2016

AFK Part 1 Coaching

Canadian equivalency exam process for Dental Students in the pathway for foreign dental graduates to get a valid working license to practice in Canada. The National Dental Examination Board (NDEB) conducts exams in various parts namely Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK), Assessment of Clinical Judgement (ACJ) and Assessment of Clinical Skills (ACS). After passing these exams the candidate is required to pass another exam (OSCE) in order to get a working license for Canada. The dental students from outside Canada may even opt for taking admission in the Dental Universities in Canada after passing the first part of the Equivalency process i.e., AFK Exam. The Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (or the AFK) exam is a theoritical exam comprising of 300 multiple choice questions (mcqs) from the dental & medical subjects. This exam is comprising of 150 mcqs in Booklet 1 & another set of 150 mcqs in Booklet 2. These mcqs are to be answered by the candidate. AFK is conducted by the NDEB in August & February every year. The venues for this exam are in Canada, UK or Hong Kong.

Ahead Academy has been helping the candidates to pass the Canadian Exams since many years. These exams are to test the basic knowledge of dentistry for the candidates. Study material, books & short notes that are helpful for these exams are available at AHEAD Dental Academy. Online LIVE Lectures are conducted at AHEAD Academy. Discussion sessions are conducted for the previous year questions. Many candidates attend these Live sessions from across the world. Many candidates have benefited from these courses. Mock Tests on the pattern of AFK, ACJ & ACS are conducted at the Ahead Academy. Many similar mcqs are expected to be asked in the exams every year. Canadian equivalency process has helped many dental students from so many countries to settle down with good clinical experience in Canada. Ahead Academy has played on important role in providing maximum help to pass these exams AFK, ACJ & ACS under the equivalency process by the Canadian board (NDEB). The Clinical skill exam training is conducted by the Ahead Dental Academy at New Delhi & Mohali Centers under the expert guidance of Senior Faculty members. The candidates who have themselves passed these International Exams are also available to help the new candidates aspiring for the NDEB Equivalency Exams for Canada.

 Faculty at AHEAD Dental Academy have solved all the AFK released mcqs along with their explanatory answers with references from standard text books. Released mcqs by the NDEB are important for passing these AFK theory exams NDEB Part - 1. Self study from relevant notes along with Online Live lectures sessions helps the candidates to prepare well for these exams. ACS is based on clinical tasks to be performed on the typhodonts under guidance of expert faculty at the AHEAD Dental Academy. All materials, instruments and equipment are provided by the institute for ACJ & ACS Exam preparation guidelines as per the NDEB standards. Focus is on AHEAD Dental Academy previous year candidates who have been successful at these international qualifying exams.

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