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Ndeb Exam coaching

NDEB Released questions are available :
All questions are followed by explanatory answers & references.
Sample questions with explanatory answers are attached with this e-mail for your consideration. In case you need all full set of questions & their answers, please inform at earliest.
We are committed for your success.
We also offer clinical hands on training at our institute for part 2 exams : OSCE, ADC, Bench Test and other practical exams for USA, Canada, Australia and other countries

We offer ADC Part 1 & Part 2 coaching through :
1. Study material sent by courier (Correspondence / Postal Course)
2. Online Tests with explanatory answers, results with percentage & rankings
3. Regular classes with notes & doubt solving sessions.
4. Test & Discussion sessions 
5. Clinical practical hands on training on typhodonts & allotted patients
6. OET study material & Audio CD 
7. Home Set up for clinical training is also available
8. Library & Hostel is also available

You can join combination of postal course and online course :
Study material will be sent by courier.
You will have to appear in online tests.
After every online tests you can check your result, percentage and rankings.
You can also download explanatory answers after every online tests.
List of study materials and schedule of online tests has been sent to you by e-mail.
You can also check sample notes, mcqs and SAQs which are a part of the study material and online tests.

Greeting from AHEAD Academy!
A brief introduction about our organization will make it clear for you about our goals & aims!

Academy of Higher Education and Advancements in Dentistry (A.H.E.A.D) is a group of medical and dental professionals engaged in continuing education programs and coaching for the postgraduate entrance examinations.

We have Experienced faculty to guide all Dental Graduates Aspiring for M.D.S. & other International Qualifying Licensing Exams

All the faculty members themselves cleared the entrance exams for post-graduate courses in various institutes.

We offer the following courses :
MDS entrance exam coaching,
Clinical certificate courses: perform treatment procedures directly on patients

Online classes & test series for these exams:

MDS (India)
ADC (Australia)
NDEB (Canada)
DHA (Dubai Health Authority)
MOH (Ministry of Health )

In order to expand our business & make our presence overseas, we look forward to joining hands with you. As you will agree with me in order to grow, we need funding. Your inputs on the same will be welcome. Also give your views about :
·         Your probable role in our organization
·         Making our business grow in USA & Canada
·         Your role as a philanthropist
·         Any other association with our institute for mutual benefits

Hoping for a favourable reply
Dr. Atul Soin
AHEAD Academy,
New Delhi, INDIA

Academy of Higher Education and Advancements in Dentistry (A.H.E.A.D) is a group of medical and dental professionals engaged in continuing education programs and coaching for the postgraduate entrance examinations.

Ahead academy is going to start student oriented monthly publication containing :
·         Subject wise synopsis of dental graduate  level notes
·         Clinical tips for treatment procedures
·         Scholarship rewards
·         Quiz, Games and completions
·         Career Opportunities
·         Job Vacancies
·         Purchase of books, instruments and equipments.

We require a competent editor for this dental magazine. The  editor has to supervise the production of student-oriented content for a variety of media, such as magazines, newspapers, television programs, websites and radio shows.

The editor prepares a report of student activities for the Board of Governors for each of the board's meetings
The student editor must generally be able to return phone or e-mail inquiries from the staff editor or Operations and Publications.
·         A Dental-related field may be necessary; editors also have educational backgrounds in communications, journalism or English
·         A few years of experience in a related profession may be necessary
·         Dental editors should have strong language and writing skills; interpersonal skills are also essential, since editors guide and interact with other writers
·         Experience with electronic publishing and Web design programs can be useful, since more publications are being offered in online formats
·         Editors may work outside of an office or with a team of freelance writers; skill with communication equipment may be beneficial
·         Seeking out, reporting, and writing on Dental Student Division news for the magazine's Division Dialogue section-and filing articles on deadline as established by the staff editor

We, at AHEAD Academy are committed for your success at NBDE. After passing Part 1 & 2 Exams, we can help you to get selected at the university of your choice by enhancing your resume through :
·         Article publication in International Dental Journals
·         Seminar Presentations at International Dental Universities
·         Case Presentations by the candidate
·         Observership at Dental Clinics in USA
·         Bench Test Clinical procedures preparation

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Your article is currently in "Peer Review" for the British Medical Journal case reports. This Journal is a very reputed Publication and widely accepted by the Medical & Dental faculty members at various international Universities. They usually take few weeks for the review and we are sure that this article will get published shortly.

For the purpose of direct interaction at the University, you are suggested to attach a copy of the article and also inform the names of the journals where you have sent the manuscripts for publication.

For any further queries you may contact AHEAD Dental Academy

FREE Seminar on highly paid Jobs for BDS: "Careers in Clinical Research" at AHEAD Academy, HM12 Phase 3B1, Mohali by Director, DICR on 5 Nov at 9am 9310187297