Thursday, 15 October 2015

Dental Implants

Students are free to perform procedures directly on allotted patients
The Introduction to Implant Surgery Course covers a broad simplification of Course Topics, Course Objectives, and Hands-on Participation. Below are a few of the Topics:
·         Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
·         Tissue Management
·         Dental Implant related Anatomy
·         Bone Spreading Techniques
·         Bone Grafting Procedures
·         Incorporation of Implants into General Dentistry
·         Surgical Template Review


Course Objectives :

Weekend Course for 4 months in Implantology
Day 1 (Saturday)
·        Introduction
·        Anatomy & Physiology of Jaws
Introduction to Implant Dentistry

Material science of Dental Implants

Various designs of Dental Implants

Basic bone anatomy and physiology (Maxilla and Mandible)

Day 2 (Sunday)
·        Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
·        Case Selection
Concepts of Integration

Case selection and planning for implant surgery

Armamentarium for implant surgery

Prosthetic planning for different edentulous situations(partial and complete)

Investigation to evaluate a implant case

Surgical principles for implant Dentistry

Day 3 (Saturday)
·        Patient allotment
·        Surgical Phase
Demonstration of various Armamentarium for implant dentistry

Step by step drill sequence for implant placement

Day 4 (Sunday)
·        Implant Selection & Placement by candidates
Case Selection, preparation of a case for implant surgery

Selection of proper Diameter and length of the implant for selected case

Surgical placement of implant live (step by step demonstration)

Hands on surgical placement by the participant

Post operative care of implant case

Day 5 (Saturday)
·        Diagnostic Aids & Radiography
Cover screw, healing abutment, implant abutment placement

Impression analog, implant analog, various impression procedures

Complete laboratory steps demonstration

Day 6 (Sunday)
Case discussion on implant procedures
Evaluation of other patients for implant placement by the participant

Day 7 (Saturday)
·        Impression procedures
Second stage surgery
Healing abutment placement
Implant impression procedure step by step demonstration
Evaluation of impression and casts
Day 8 (Sunday)
Case discussion on different techniques
Implant Occlusion
Cementation procedures
Immediate Post extraction Implantation.
Participant home task Presentations.
Live demo prosthesis delivery.
Impression making & Prosthesis delivery by the participant
Implant Aesthetics


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